The excellent mechanical and electrical properties of natural mica makes it a most reliable and dependable insulators for use as mounting washers for POWER TRANSISTORS, DIODES, RECTIFIERS, IC's and other Semiconductor Devices.

Precision punched natural mica insulators and supports help the semiconductors devices fully insulated from the chassis. They play a dual function. To dissipate the heat away from the semiconductors devices and at the same time keeping them cool. Their added advantages are low moisture absorption, high breakdown voltage and high surface leakage resistance.

MICAMAFCO is one of the world's largest producer and suppliers of a complete range of mica products including MICA INSULATORS of any type. Our MICA INSULATORS are flawless in quality and internationally aclaimed as finest in perfection. Our completely equipped tool-room facilities allow for inexpensive tooling to our customers blue-print.

We specialise in large volume production and are capable to meet our customer's specific requirements to their complete satisfaction. We are committed to a steady supply of consistent quality and are dedicated to satisfy customers who seek a most perfect material. Since the supply is direct from source , we are capable to offer them at cost-effective price and guaranteed delivery time. Whether you need large or small production runs, we welcome the same and are always eager to serve you.



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