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Mica powder is divided into the following:-

1) Dry Ground

     A) Mica Flakes
         1) Pearlscent Pigment
         2) Oil well Drilling

     B) Mica Powder
         1) Mica for Welding Electrodes
         2) Mica for Gypsum Plaster Board
         3) Mica for Wall Board Joint Cement
         4) Mica for Acoustic Products
         5) Mica for Asbestos - Free Brake Linings
         6) Mica for Tyres and Rubber Application

 2) Micronised Mica      

     a) Micronised Mica for Paints & Coatings
     b) Muscovite MicaPowder for Rubber Application
     c) Mica for Composite Plastic Systems

 3) Wet Ground Mica

 4) Coloured Mica

5) Coated Mica

    a) Silane Coated
    b) Titanate Coated

6) Calcined Mica


Mica is a generic term applied to a group of a complex aluminium silicate minerals having different chemical and physical properties. It is listed by the ACGIH with a recommended TLV of 6 mg./cu.meter in which toxic impurities are not present e.g. Inhalable silica (quartz) less than 1%.

Muscovite Mica (theroretical Chemical formula=KAI2(AISi3O10)(OH)2) is a complex aluminosilicate minerals that have a sheet or plate-like structure with remarkable cleavage parallel to the direction of the large surface that allows it to be split or delaminated into thin films that are transparent, flexible, elastic, and tough. It has an outstanding physical, chemical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties which are not found in any other products either natural or synthetic.

PHYSICALLY : Mica is transparent, optically flat, colourless, resilient and incompressible. It is waterproof and moisture-proof.

CHEMICALLY : Mica is a complex hydrous silicate of aluminium containing potassium and traces of several other elements. It is stable and practically inert (except to hydrofluoric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid) and virtually unaffected by the action of heat, light, water, oil, solvents, alkalis and other chemicals.

ELECTRICALLY : Mica has a unique combination of high dielectric strength and a uniform dielectric constant. It is therefore able to withstand exposure to electrical discharge without oxidizing and serves as an excellent insulator.

THERMALLY : Mica is infusible and non-combustible and has low heat conductivity and is not affected by extended exposure to electrical discharge without oxidizing and serves as an excellent insulator.

MECHANICALLY : Mica is relatively soft, flexible elastic and tough having high tensile and flexural strengths and modules of elasticity.


Mica Flakes is mica scrap ground into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 8 mesh. This material is prepared mainly by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine in which the mica is literally beaten till such time that the required size is not achieved and the material passes out from graded sieves attached therein.


MUSCOVITE MICA FLAKES of superior quality having low iron contents are used in large proportion in production of PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS, because of its reflective and refractive properties and its ability to reproduce artificially a "mother of pearl" or nacreceous colours from silver white through all shades of the rainbow varying from a silky lustre to a glittering sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than sparkle. Mica have high refractive index (greater than 2.5) and a good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.


MICA FLAKES have been preferably used in water-based and oil-well drillings operations as an additive mud chemical to prevent loss of circulation and seepage. Mica is specially added to seal-off the lost circulation zones. The platy structure of mica facilitates the overlapping of particles to form a layer or wall and acts as a sealent that bridges the openings. The use of Mica helps to seal porous formations and contributes to regain circulation keeping the solids in suspension.




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