The following are some of the uses of Mica :-

* Cut Mica    Plates for
   Mica    Capacitors
* Radiation    Insulation * Transistor and    Semi-Conductors * Electrical    Heating    Appliances
* Silvered    Mica Plates * Radiation    Pyrometers      and Thermal    Regulators * Communication    Devices * Flat irons
* Mica    Capacitors * Resistance and    Potentiometers    Cards * Accoustics    Aparatus,    Detonators,    Radiophone,    Gramophone,    Sound Boxes,    Head Phones,    LoudSpeakers * Kettle
* Radio &    Television
* Primary and    Secondary    Insulation * Steam Boilers * Toasters
* Guided    Missiles * Bushing and    Tubes * Quarter Wave    Plates for Optical    Instruments * Band   Heaters
* Microwave    Tube
* Televisions * Marker Dials for    Navigation    compasses * Strip and    Finned    Heaters
* Target and    Mosaic
   Mica for    Telecasting
* Geiger Counter    for Radio * Goggles * Soldering    Irons
* Missiles and    High Speed    Aircraft    Randoms    and    Canopies * High Tension    Coil of Radars * Diaphragms for    Oxygen Breathing    Equipment * Incandescent    Lamps,    Fuse    Plugs,    Fuse Boxes,    Electric      Lamp    Sockets,    Lighting    Apparatus,    Induction    Coils, Grid    Rheostats
* Jet Engines * Telephone * Windows for    Anthracite Gas or    Petromax Lamps    and Kerosene    Stoves, Isinglass,    Furnace, Peepholes,    Heat Screens,    Metalurgical    Furnaces and Kilns,    Canopies, Shields,    smoke Helmets,    Diver Helmets, Gas    Masks, etc. * Neon-Lights
* Interlayer    Insulation    for    Transformer    Coils * High Voltage    Lamps    



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